[Northkeep] Opinion on Wars

Hugh Niewoehner HNiewoehner at netscape.net
Thu Jan 30 06:41:10 PST 2003

>Overall impressions of fun? Specialties that that is
>The Best War to go to for?

What are you going for? Is the reply.

<Some caveats apply to the following>

If you want to see _everyone_ from _everywhere_  go to Pennsic.  You will see the best and the worst of the SCA there.   Shopping like no other event in the SCA.  Probably the one place you will ever see the Crowns of every kindgom in the known world. Several bad things...There is always "pennsic plague"  be _very_ careful of hygene.   There's no war points the last weekend.  In fact, so many people pull out on Sat that it disrupts the entire flow of those who stay.  Too bloody many people.

Gulf, just been there once, going again.  It was fun.  Good fighting, good parties, good shopping, not as many people.  A lot like Pennsic of 15 or so years ago.  The time of year makes weather unpredictable but not bad in general.  It's a _very_ good place to get an intro into the mindset of massed battles for a fighter.

Lilies...The motto is "So much like a vacation, you'll forget it's a war."
Since there's no "us vs. them" mentality there's less pressure to be ready for every battle.  If you want to sleep, swim, shoot archery, take a class, shop, whatever...do it.  Wanna fight with your buddies on the other side a couple times?   "Go ahead, we're all friends here."  There are not as many people as even Gulf but enough to have some good battles if that's what your there for.  They run a full schedule of classes everyday of the war if it's learning stuff you have in mind.

Back to your question and my reply.

Which is the best? It depends...why are you going?

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