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Thu Jul 10 13:18:37 PDT 2003

I was just there last week and the address is 1511... turn at the Atomic Burrito and then it is the first house on the left, as described by Rosamund. Be prepared to fight for parking. Last Thursday is when I was there and because it is so close to Cherry Street, people were parking in front of Masamune-son's house to go eat on Cherry Street. I was lucky to get the last spot in front of their house before an SUV pulled up. Perhaps we need a valet or have someone stand out there and save spaces if many people attend... just a thought...

Chris~the ferret master

--- Kathy Herndon <northkeep_herald at ansteorra.org> wrote:
Can't seem to come up with the house number, but Masamune, Cat and 
Annake's house is on St. Louis (midway between Utica and Peoria) just 
south of 15th, on the east side of the street.  There is a small 
strip center with Camarelli's Restaurant (yum!) and a liquor store on 
the corner, and his house is the first house to the south of there. 
It is a beige stucco bungalow with a big front porch and green trim.

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