[Northkeep] What is Commenting?

Herndon, Darin DHerndon at bswintl.com
Mon Jul 7 15:51:56 PDT 2003

Heraldic Commenting is a session (unofficial usually, meaning that
medieval clothing or modern are both acceptable) where interested people
in Northkeep get together and look at the names and heraldic arms that
have been submitted to kingdom for registration.  And, we comment on the
submissions (i.e. - is it a period style, does the documentation
actually justify what they want to register, has someone already
registered that name, do those arms conflict with someone else's, etc.).

Then our comments are typed up and mailed into kingdom to be used in the
decision-making process of the College of Heralds.

Everyone is welcome.  Commenting is a great way to learn more about
heraldry in the SCA and period names as you can see what others are
trying to register and what gets said about their submissions.


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