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Pennsic...take 10 thousand people and gather them together in a farm field...for 2 weeks.  Actually the "official" event is just a couple of days but the die-hards start showing up _much_ earlier.

It can be both the high point and the low point of a persons SCA life.  

You will meet people from _everywhere_.  I met folks from Europe, Japan, Australia, etc.   There is no greater shopping event in the known world.  Fighting is generally good.  Lots of parties, dancing in the Barn, Wander from camp to camp learn songs & stories or pass on your own.  If you are a court hound go see Grand Court, no other event in the known worlds will draw so many Crowns.

Sound good?  Well, it can be, but...  If going PRE-REGISTER!  Each kingdom sets up a slum lord to try and coordinate camping space etc.  Each individual who preregisters is assigned a set mount of space to camp in.  Anyone who is not preregistered and shows up steals space from those who did.  Yes there's overflow camping...usually in the parking lot.  Some kingdoms request that a small amount of your square footage be given to the kingdom as a whole to create a commons area.  

This is an event to plan for or you'll have an awful time.  You will freeze, you will bake, you will drown.  In true Lilies fashon the weather tend to pick extremes during the war.  With each extreme generally being visited every 48 to 72 hours.  
And I haven't even gotten into the bad things that are common.  

DulcetKitten at aol.com wrote:
>After trolling through many a webpage, and finding no answers, I turn to the 
>list.  What is Pennsic?  Where is it?  What makes it so amazing?
>Thank you,

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