[Northkeep] Pennsic [was Which event to attend?]

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 17 08:27:45 PDT 2003

Pennsic. Pennsic is as was wrtten before, an event
that every serious SCA'er should make at least once in
their lives.  It is amazing-- imagine if you will
being able to walk all day down dust (or mud) covered
streets and not see the "real world" or the same thing
twice. Imagine hundreds of merchants selling
everything from fabric to armor to harps to capuccino
(yeah, yeah). Imagine if you plan it right not leaving
the current middle ages for a week and a half. Imagine
the drumming comming from 10,000 people-- every night.
Imagine meeting SCA'ers from all over the world,
playing the game in the way they do at home and all of
the beautiful differences you find. The singing.
Wow... all those songs from all the different
Yes, there are some problems with Pennsic. There are
some people who come and think it is a fairy or
vampire fest-- or get too drunk for even SCA events
and cause problems. These are things that happen when
you have that many people.

I attended Pennsic 24 (this year is 32) and I know
that much has changed. Hopefully someone who has been
more recently will add to my ramblings.


--- DulcetKitten at aol.com wrote:
> > AUG 8-10 Pennsic XXXII and/or 15-17 Pennsic XXXII
> > If you can go to Pensic at least once in your life
> > in the SCA it is worth
> > it.
> After trolling through many a webpage, and finding
> no answers, I turn to the 
> list.  What is Pennsic?  Where is it?  What makes it
> so amazing?
> Thank you,
> Kasha

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