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> Off the top of my head I can think of at least 15 people in the Barony who 
> I consider to be Bards, and I'm likely forgetting some.  A lot of them won't 
> show up for the meeting.  The tone of the meeting somewhat depends on which 
> particular batch of bards show up.  

And if there are drummers (??) showing up, as the missive suggests, I can't 
think that it is very likely that you will be able to hear many of them, 
either. Drummers like to drum, and they should be allowed to do so. However, that is 
not necessarily conducive to a good bardic meet, since it is not always a 
good mix with the voice, spoken or sung. Also, if you have neighbors where you 
live, they may not be so keen on drums, as well. 
I do not mean to imply that bardic gatherings are not fun, because they 
certainly are. But you may be talking about folks have been working hard on a piece 
they are preparing for competition, or are working on writing a piece, or 
have finished one and want to present it in its best. That would mean allowing 
them to have as few distractions as reasonably allowable, out of courtesy.
But, realize that the magic of the evening will be its own music! It is very 
lovely of you to extend the hospitality of your home to all of us, and I am 
sure this will be a memorable time for a lot of people. I bet we soon forget the 
heat, and will only hear soft melodies and clever voices of those we revere 
and love.
Many Thanks,
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