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> Ok, so it'll be a Bardic Guild/Not-Going-to-Pennsic-Pitty-Party meeting. :)
> Having never hosted one of these before, I'm open to input.  Otherwise I 
> figured it would be a great chance to get together, bring the instruments along 
> (which you might not want to usually lug to events), and get together to 
> share resources, swap tales, and get a chance to try out new music if you're so 
> inclined.  Drummers welcome!  
> I don't want anybody to be discouraged from coming.  No matter your level of 
> musicality, PLEASE REMEMBER....that there are all sorts of Bards, not just 
> the kind who play an instrument and sing.  Storytelling (prose and poetry) are 
> as much a part of the bardic arts as music.  For those, young and old, who 
> wish it...I have a book of "read aloud" Irish Myths and Fairytales that are 
> perfect for working up as a nice bardic piece.  Some of the best storytellers 
> I've ever heard couldn't hold a tune in a bucket. :)  
> I've gotten great response about this.  Feel free to email me personally 
> with questions, comments, snide remarks, etc.
> Slan!
> Kasha

       August 8 works for me.  
       Bardic Guild has been an on and off thing over the years.  The format 
can vary.  Sometimes we teach a class on something.  More often we just get 
together and do Bardic.  Sometimes we will plan a meeting to teach the 
"traditional"  songs to people who haven't learned them yet.  Other times we will do 
critiques for those who compete and want to improve their performances.  
Sometimes we do a lot of individual performances and sometimes we do mostly 
sing-a-longs.  It mostly depends on who shows up and what they want to do.  
       Off the top of my head I can think of at least 15 people in the Barony 
who I consider to be Bards, and I'm likely forgetting some.  A lot of them 
won't show up for the meeting.  The tone of the meeting somewhat depends on 
which particular batch of bards show up.  

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