[Northkeep] Anyone for Bardic Guild?

Morgana Vandya morgana_vandya at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 24 05:26:11 PDT 2003

When and where will the Bardic Guild/Not-Going-to-Pennsic-Pity-Party meeting be held? Some of us here in Rivers Run might be interested in coming.

DulcetKitten at aol.com wrote:
Ok, so it'll be a Bardic Guild/Not-Going-to-Pennsic-Pitty-Party meeting. :)

Having never hosted one of these before, I'm open to input.  Otherwise I figured it would be a great chance to get together, bring the instruments along (which you might not want to usually lug to events), and get together to share resources, swap tales, and get a chance to try out new music if you're so inclined.  Drummers welcome!  

I don't want anybody to be discouraged from coming.  No matter your level of musicality, PLEASE REMEMBER....that there are all sorts of Bards, not just the kind who play an instrument and sing.  Storytelling (prose and poetry) are as much a part of the bardic arts as music.  For those, young and old, who wish it...I have a book of "read aloud" Irish Myths and Fairytales that are perfect for working up as a nice bardic piece.  Some of the best storytellers I've ever heard couldn't hold a tune in a bucket. :)  

I've gotten great response about this.  Feel free to email me personally with questions, comments, snide remarks, etc.


In a message dated 7/23/2003 10:41:17 AM Central Daylight Time, zahavabathannah at yahoo.com writes:

Can we make it a Not-Going-to-Pennsic-Pitty-Party!!???
I can go!!

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