[Northkeep] Benefit for Kenneth Maxwell

Alton lePeto altonscompany at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 7 08:45:50 PST 2003

Hello Friends,

There will be a benefit for Kenneth Maxwell's family this Monday(3/10) night
at StrikeNet(computer gaming, not gambling), located in the shopping center
on the SE corner of 61st and Mingo.  For a 15 Dollar donation, you  will be
able to play games from 7PM till 12 Midnight.  All of the proceeds will be
donated to the fund for Kenneth's family started by Mitch and Krystal Remy.
Additionaly, Mike and Brie Drake, owners of StrikeNet will be raffling a MP3
player, with the proceeds going directly to Kenneth's fund.

Please make plans to attend this if you can.  It will be not only alot of
fun, but its for a great cause too.

For further info, please feel free to contact me at -
altonscompany at hotmail.com

Thank you,
Alton (Doug Pettey)

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