[Northkeep] Gulf Wars.

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner BurgBorrendohl at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 20 11:18:21 PST 2003

All right ya war dweebs.  It's been several days and still no stories.
What's your malfunction?  Where are the stories?  The guilt trips for
those who did not go so they'll go next year?

The Northern Regional contengent managed to find some great land to set
up on.  But I'll let those who camped go into that.

Friday the weather looked like it would rain at several times but we
ended up having a great day weather wise.  Saturday was actually very
warm.  It took the marshalls so long going over the rules for the
castle, the first fighting injury of the day came before the lay on due
to the heat.

Now the fighting...

Friday field battles.
We formed in a massive column about 1/3 the width of the field.  Each
force was aligned into ranks 2-3 people deep.   and told each commander
should decide when to slide out of the column.  Ours was about the 6 or
7th group back.   The army started advancing at the lay on.  One of the
allied groups at the rear immediately headed to the left hand limit of
the field.  The trimaran force on that side advanced to meet them which
left thier flank open to our entire army.   We did a slide left out of
the column still facing the Trimaren army on it's ridge.  Owen then
noticed a large block of archers behind the flanking Trimarens which now
had no cover.  We wheeled left and walked through them.  The forces
trapped against the line were destroyed quickly.  (Actually before our
center and right side could get there.)   Though several of us tried, we
couldn't get the remainder of our unit to face right toward the force
rolling up on our unprotected side and the Northern regional force ended
up being flanked it self.   Well, with our left side dead and apparently
the same having happened on their left side it turned into the infamous
swirling tidy bowl of death.  Once the spiral reached max density all of
the trimarens were gone and there were still alot of Ansteorrans and
allies alive.

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