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Thu Mar 20 11:36:45 PST 2003

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Ahhh now that I have your attention. Come one come all and volunteer your
at the Biggest Demo that Namron participates in the OU Medieval Fair April
5 and 6 at Reeves Park (Parking will be provided at the Lloyd Noble Center)
Norman, Oklahoma. We need people to work the setup crew to put up and take
down GP tents, people to let us display their A&S projects, people to talk
about their A&S projects, Bards, waterbarers, dancers, archers and of course
fighters to talk about and strut their stuff for the mundanes for FREE.
up, dress down, but at less dress. Come have fun with the mundanes for FREE,
FREE, FREE. You can find us by the mermaids. Look at the pretty mermaids,
listen to the thud of heavy fighters all for FREE.
--- Lady Kathryn atte Unicorn
--- Kathryn Gordon  (405) 447-7959
--- lyra at telepath.com[1]

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