[Northkeep] Fw: [Ansteorra] Free Demo

Montega Blackdragon montega_blackdragon at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 20 21:36:56 PST 2003

I plan to be there for waterbearing and whatever else I can get myself into!
LOL But, since this is only going to be my second event can someone tell me
a little more about it such as do we pitch a tent there like we did at GW?
Can't wait to see you guys there!


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>Ahhh now that I have your attention. Come one come all and volunteer your
>at the Biggest Demo that Namron participates in the OU Medieval Fair April
>5 and 6 at Reeves Park (Parking will be provided at the Lloyd Noble Center)
>Norman, Oklahoma. We need people to work the setup crew to put up and take
>down GP tents, people to let us display their A&S projects, people to talk
>about their A&S projects, Bards, waterbarers, dancers, archers and of
>fighters to talk about and strut their stuff for the mundanes for FREE.
>up, dress down, but at less dress. Come have fun with the mundanes for
>FREE, FREE. You can find us by the mermaids. Look at the pretty mermaids,
>listen to the thud of heavy fighters all for FREE.
>--- Lady Kathryn atte Unicorn
>--- Kathryn Gordon  (405) 447-7959
>--- lyra at telepath.com[1]
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