[Northkeep] To everyone in my address book from Kevin/Grímólfr/Grimulf

Kevin Valliquette megrimulf at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 25 00:01:37 PST 2003

Greetings to all of you.  If you have received this
e-mail from me, it is because your contact information
appears in my address book.  Some of you I have not
been in contact with in quite some time, and for that,
for whatever the reasons, I apologize.  But I want
this message understood by everyone who may have
reason or thought to send me e-mail.  I do not mean
for it to sound harsh, and those of you who know me
well know that it is not my nature to be that way, but
I want to make myself clear.  All of this is written
with the utmost respect, as most of you are dear
friends of mine.

<WARNING: Rant follows>

The message is simple:  _THINK_ before you forward
something to everyone in your address book/contact
list/whatever, "would this person really appreciate
what I'm sending?"  To be more specific, _DO NOT_ (!)
send or forward e-mail messages to me that are in _ANY
WAY_ political in nature.  These things would include,
but not be limited to, anything resembling opinion
about the current war; approval/disapproval of
government and/or specific individuals or groups in
government; approval/disapproval of opinions expressed
by artists/performers/celebrities; and commentaries on
religious issues in politics/government/law.  Don't do
it.  I don't want to see it in my inbox.  I get enough
spam in the form of people wanting me to refinance my
non-existant mortgage, buy herbal viagra, get involved
in their latest work-at-home scam, enlarge my penis
and/or breasts, check out the latest porn site, and so
on.  I don't need any junk from my friends.  A good
rule to remember is that if you receive a message
that's been forwarded and forwarded and forwarded (ad
nauseum), it is very, very likely that it is one thing
and one thing only: a good way to waste some of your
time and the time of anyone to whom you choose to
forward it.  Forwarding such messages also indicates
that you have made the assumption that the recipiants
share your opinion of the subject matter.

Those of you who know me well will know that there are
two things that, as a rule, I do not talk about:
politics and religion.  Exceptions are made to the
latter when I know before hand that the person with
whom I'm speaking is either of like mind or open mind,
but generally speaking, these are topics that almost
invariably lead to argument, no matter how much the
peacekeepers among us (i.e. me) try to maintain a
balanced view.

Now, all of this is not to say that nothing should
ever be forwarded to me.  Those of you who know me
well (that phrase sounds familiar by now) know my
sense of humor, my tastes, and my interests well
enough to know if I might enjoy a particular bit of
mail or not.  Please, please, PLEASE excercise that

<end rant>

Humbly yours,
In Service to the Dream,
With a grain of salt and a dash of garlic,
Yada, yada, yada...

Kevin Valliquette
SKA Lord Grímólfr Einarsson
AKA Grimulf

It befits a man to be merry and glad
Until the day of his death.

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