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Hey guys - just wanted to point out some of our hard workers at Gulf
Wars........... Ysmay, Kim, Morganna, Celeste, Ainar and Diethelm really
tore it up at war!!  Thanks to everyone who volunteered and helped make the
war just that much better!!!

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Ansteorran 'Stellar' Volunteers Rock!!!
Ansteorra won the Volunteer war point this year by 60 point, a close battle
between Trimaris and her allies.  I wrote down the final tally numbers, but
have lost them, I'll post as soon as I can get them again.

Meanwhile I wanted to give word fame to my staff at Volunteer Point, many
thanks; your support made voucher turn-ins work smoothly.  Vivat to:
Mercedes de Cerdanya, Baroness of Northkeep,
Lady Alina Mitchell, Bryn Gwlad,
Lady Robine d'Anne, Gates Edge,
Ellisena de Bayonne, Baroness of Stargate,
Mistress Morgan Cain, Steppes,
Lady Clara von Nuremberg, Loch Soilleir,

Those volunteers from Ansteorra that worked are to be congratulated for
their service not only to Ansteorra, but also to the shared war effort.
The Ansteorran with the highest total of voucher hours was Arkell vom
Cophus, Bjornsborg (84 hrs), with Caelin on Andvede, Elfsea (79 hrs) a close
second.  Also, special merit to Lady Celeste Courtenay de Montmorency,
Namron for being shift leader for three Waterbearers shifts, including the
dreaded Ravine battle.  Vivat!

Thanks to all volunteers for hours worked.  Those with vouchers at 20 or
more hours worked  (in no particular order, forgive misspellings):
Duncan MacConacher, Bryn Gwlad  - 21
Eadric Anstapa, Gates Edge - 23
Fineaous Niall, Elfsea - 26
Galen Kirkenbauer, Loch Soilleir - 23
Geoffrey Tailor, Tir Medoin - 33
Iaew Mor, Gates Edge - 23
Kim Li Haddock, Rivers Run - 24
Meadhbh ni Ruaidh o Chonnemara, Bryn Gwlad - 34.5
Morgan Cain, Steppes - 28
Morganna Vandya, Rivers Run - 30
Patrick Michael Gordon, Rosenfeld - 21
Timothy of Glastinbery, Elfsea - 22
Ainar Magnusson, Northkeep - 39.5
Alina Mitchell, Bryn Gwlad - 54.5
Arkell vom Cophus, Bjornsborg - 84
Caelin on Andvede, Elfsea - 79
'Cheer'(Brianna Morris), Stargate - 25.50
Godwin of Edington, Stargate - 35
Irina Moreskaia, Elfsea - 26.25
Marissa, Shadowlands - 51
Raimond de Mora, Elfsea - 52
Randall der Kreiger, Tir Medoin - 44
Runk the Red, Bryn Gwlad - 61.5
Servita Zola, Bjornsborg - 28.25
Ysmay, Rivers Run - 39
Calena du Rose Noir, Seawinds - 63.5
Pendarin Glamorgan, Bryn Gwlad - 30
Soren Redhammer, Seawinds - 60
Isobol of DarkHorse Keep, Seawinds - 64
Einar Ragnerson, Seawinds - 68
Antonello del Bello, Stargate - 24
Anezkaz Rozmitala, Elfsea - 24
Arabella de Montacute, Elfsea - 36.5
Celeste Courtenay de Montmorency, Namron - 24.75
Conche (Christi Smetek), Gates Edge - 53
Crandall nac Cranoc, Elfsea - 37
Cynethryth of Tewkesbury, Loch Soilleir - 30.5
Diethelm Wahorfer, Northkeep - 22.5

Vivat to you all!!
Hillary Greenslade, Ansteorra 'Stellar' Volunteers

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