[Northkeep] Who got what? - Awards at Crown

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Tue May 6 08:00:01 PDT 2003

With so many activities going on simultaneously Northkeep's heralds were
stretched thin and not doing paperwork at the courts.  However, our
collective bacon was saved by His Excellency, Master Rumil Fletcher, who
recorded the court awards form all courts.  We owe Master Rumil a debt
of thanks for this.

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The awards given at Crown Tourney were:
These two were presented at Crown in morning court, but were read into
law on 02/08/2003.
Slaine inghean Mhictire		THISTLE	Heraldic Arts
Siobhan ni Dhomhnuill		THISTLE	Scribal Arts

05/03/2003 - Northkeep - Crown Tourney
Anaka de Ravenna			AoA
Zubeydah the Wanderer		AoA
Llwelyn Bryddid ap Dafydd Hen	COMET	Mooneschadowe
Chandranath Mitra			COMET	Mooneschadowe
Flowena of Gunnarsstead		THISTLE	Costuming
Marke von Mainz			THISTLE	Armoring
Armand Dragoneti			VICAR
Ameline du Bois			VICARESS

Walstod the Unsteady		CROWN PRINCE
Catot d'Ardennes			CROWN PRINCESS

William Lindsay			COMET	Mooneschadowe
Elizabeth de Calais		THISTLE	Period Cookery
Cassandra de Skardeburgh	IRIS OF MERIT
Asoph Hearts			STAR OF MERIT
Tomas Niallagain			King's Blade of Honor
Monica de la Cueva		STAR OF MERIT
Hans Faust dem herlat		STAR OF MERIT
Rhiannon Redwolf			COURT BARONY
Gitana de Castile			Mistress of the Pelican

Also presented here, but read into law at an earlier event.
Robin of Gilwell			Queen's Blade of Honor


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