[Northkeep] Who got what? - Awards at Crown

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Wow, congratulations to all.

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> With so many activities going on simultaneously Northkeep's heralds were
> stretched thin and not doing paperwork at the courts.  However, our
> collective bacon was saved by His Excellency, Master Rumil Fletcher, who
> recorded the court awards form all courts.  We owe Master Rumil a debt
> of thanks for this.
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> The awards given at Crown Tourney were:
> These two were presented at Crown in morning court, but were read into
> law on 02/08/2003.
> Slaine inghean Mhictire THISTLE Heraldic Arts
> Siobhan ni Dhomhnuill THISTLE Scribal Arts
> 05/03/2003 - Northkeep - Crown Tourney
> Anaka de Ravenna AoA
> Zubeydah the Wanderer AoA
> Llwelyn Bryddid ap Dafydd Hen COMET Mooneschadowe
> Chandranath Mitra COMET Mooneschadowe
> Flowena of Gunnarsstead THISTLE Costuming
> Marke von Mainz THISTLE Armoring
> Armand Dragoneti VICAR
> Ameline du Bois VICARESS
> Walstod the Unsteady CROWN PRINCE
> Catot d'Ardennes CROWN PRINCESS
> William Lindsay COMET Mooneschadowe
> Elizabeth de Calais THISTLE Period Cookery
> Cassandra de Skardeburgh IRIS OF MERIT
> Asoph Hearts STAR OF MERIT
> Tomas Niallagain King's Blade of Honor
> Monica de la Cueva STAR OF MERIT
> Hans Faust dem herlat STAR OF MERIT
> Rhiannon Redwolf COURT BARONY
> Gitana de Castile Mistress of the Pelican
> Also presented here, but read into law at an earlier event.
> Robin of Gilwell Queen's Blade of Honor
> Sincerely,
> Etienne
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