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Sally Stewart ladyannisatteroseberry at yahoo.com
Mon May 12 15:27:15 PDT 2003

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Hello to all our good friends, new and "old" (but all most charished!). Today we had our "20-week" ultrasound, a few weeks late at 25 weeks... but better late than never when the news is all good.  : ) Everything was as it should be, in all the right places.  Such a cute little nose, and we got to see it yawn while on the screen... it was so cool!  : )Two hands, two feet, two eyes... we even got to see the kidneys, (two), and bladder, stomach (only one each *grin*) -- the complete tailbone and spine up to the head and all enclosed in the skin like it should, no cleft lip or anything!  all four chambers of the heart as is proper, and beating away of course... *sigh**big smile* Still keeping the sex unknown until birth... just want to wait, at least with this, my first, to add to the specialness at birth.  Skerri only has an "issue" with a son of his wearing pink, other than that, color choices don't really matter much, as my personal favorites are blue and purple. We have two registries, one with BabiesRUs, and one with WalMart.  I would just LOVE to be able to get the "My Little Snoopy" bedding/bedroom items and the "all-in-one" cloth diapers I have chosen from BabiesRUs -- with most of the other items coming cheaper from WalMart.  Unfortunately, most items from WalMart are not available for on-line purchase -- I'm not exactly sure why.  So if you desire to get us a gift, one of the registries would be a good bet, as I will update them (if they haven't been already) when we receive stuff -- and items not on the lists have been covered by family members due to I already have three nephews! Both registries are under "Sally Stewart" with "Robert" as the second name, and our location now is "Vinita, OK".  I know that's all you need for Wal-Mart, and I think that is all you need for BabiesRUs.  Just in case though, the registry number for BabiesRUs is:  74148000Also, just in case you need it, here is our address:451 N Foreman StVinita, OK 74301 Our due date is August 30th. Anyone wanting to contact us is welcome to at the following addresses:skerritheviking at yahoo.comladyannisatteroseberry@yahoo.comstewart_sally at hotmail.com Lots of love to everyone!Lady Annis

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