[Northkeep] Speaking of the Muskogee Renfaire

The Suarez Family family at suarez-turner.com
Mon May 12 14:23:39 PDT 2003

Gareth, the kids and I went Friday on student day and had a good time,
although it was HOT. We found one vendor in particular very cool, and
bought some pretty interesting homeschool-ish books there for reasonable
prices! I thought I'd share their website address for anyone interested
in this sort of thing for their children (they have many coloring books,
Life in...books, sticker and paper doll books aimed at Celtic/Viking
cultures as well as others, and Medieval/Renaissance time periods). They
also have some Celtic mythos and fairytale books as well as some
herb/cooking books that I have never seen before. Gareth was lucky to
walk out of there with any money at all! LOL!
Anyhow, I thought some folks here might want to peruse the website.



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