[Northkeep] charters and dancing and armor, oh my!

beth at stormreaver.net beth at stormreaver.net
Mon May 19 08:16:39 PDT 2003

Hullo, Northkeep!

... if anyone who generally attends Wednesday fighter practice has a
portable CD player they'd be willing to bring... I'd be willing to try and
organize a middle eastern dancing thing... I won't claim to be very good at
it, but if anyone wants to hang out and dance while the guys are bashing
one another, I'm game. :-)

... if any Scribe has extra blank charters they could bring to Populace
tonight, I'd love to grab some extras... Siobhan, if you'll be there, I
have three or four to turn in.

... Susan, if you'll be there, I'll bring your hats, and the mini-scroll
for your daughter that I promised her...

... Sir Balvin, I am in your debt. It has long been my hope that something
about the SCA would spark my beloved's interest.  All weekend long, he was
chortling about how much fun he had at fighter practice and at your home
afterwards, 'talking shop.'  The welt upon his leg has purpled to
magnificent proportions, and we're already working on armor ideas and
Ostrogoth designs.  Thank you so very much. :-)

Vivat the dream!

In service,


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