[Northkeep] charters and dancing and armor, oh my!

Zenobia Mira Vallis VivatTheDream at cox.net
Mon May 19 12:13:26 PDT 2003

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Hi, Zubeydah!

How about some live drumming?  Our Monday-night drummers occasionally do 'field trips' to dance studios to provide live drumming.  Yesterday, they drummed for Gypsy Fire at Mayfest.  If you're interested, I'll see if I can get a group together for a Wednesday evening.

By the way, will you be dancing at the Sunfest demo?

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  Hullo, Northkeep!

  ... if anyone who generally attends Wednesday fighter practice has a
  portable CD player they'd be willing to bring... I'd be willing to try and
  organize a middle eastern dancing thing... I won't claim to be very good at
  it, but if anyone wants to hang out and dance while the guys are bashing
  one another, I'm game. :-)


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