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Sorry for the very belated post but I had to
comment on this and I'm way behind on my emails.
I agree with your first reasoning Marta,
however, you have from the very beginning when
you were learning how to sew, given your
abilities a bad review and unjustly so. Don't
let her fool you folks, she's meticulous down to
the last thread being in the right spot.


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<SNIP> I wish I would have gone to
needleworker's first,and talked to some of the
populace, because in hindsight, I would have
picked a Norse persona for two reasons. One, the
clothing is cooler in the summer heat and two,
it's extremely easy to make and looks good.
Since I'm not the best seamstress, this would
have been a really good choice for me. However,
I am learning to sew, and if you don't look too
closely at what I make, it looks O.K. Good luck
in your research.


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it matter." -Death The Time Of Your Life  by Neil Gaiman

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