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I love that you do this before an event--have I told you that???  If
not--feel appreciated--I think it helps people a bunch especially when there
might be inclement weather.

(Lynn--Ian and I should be there between 1 and 2 tomorrow afternoon)
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Crown Tourney Weather Update:

As I mentioned last weekend, Crown Tourney is right smack dab in the middle
of the severe weather season.   Mother Nature has again proven she knows
weather much better than any of weather wizards and all their fancy
machines.   We have a storm track heading into the region for this weekend.
There will be some severe weather in the Southern Plains.  Right now the
storm track will take the worst of this into Southeast KS and Northeast OK.

The National Weather Service forecast for Saturday is: Partly cloudy with a
chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 70s. Chance of rain 40
and Saturday Night: Partly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms
in the evening then slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after
midnight. Lows in the mid 60s. Chance of rain 30 percent.

The PERCENT of rain means that there is a 40 % chance that SOMEWHERE in the
eastern half of OK and Western 1/3 of AR there MIGHT be rain.

We will not have a better guide on the weather for Saturday until Friday
evening.  Best GUESS is that we MIGHT see some rain on Saturday AM, them
clear.... than MIGHT see rain that evening and into the night.  So come to
have fun, yet keep you slicker handy.

As always...  weather is up in the air  <pardon the pun... grin>

As the Saturday gets closer check the following link:

And Oklahoma's News Channel 8 (KTUL) weather page is

Two more items:  The List Field is in a wonder grassy area.... but it has no
shade.  Bring your own shade and WEAR SUN SCREEN.   Nag, nag, nag...
Sunscreen, water, bugspray.... bugspray??

Yes, bug spray!  It's Tick season, and they will be hungry.

Prevention of tick bites is foremost.

Take necessary precautions to avoid tick bites
Wear long pants /sleeves whenever possible
Wear light colored clothes (it's easier to see ticks since they are dark)

Use appropriate insect repellant, the higher % of Deet the better.  See
www.bug-spray.com for the best choice for you.

Do frequent tick checks to find ticks early and avoid actually being bitten
If you find a tick that has become imbedded DON'T PANIC, it is recommended
that it be removed as soon as possible, but with frequent checks it
shouldn't have been there long.

Tick Removal: Use thin nosed tweezers or long fingernails lift straight
upward at head of mouth end.
Clean area with alcohol or any topical disinfectant.
Watch for symptoms of infection ie: heat, redness around area or red streaks
leading towards center of body, or fever.

Be assured most ticks do not carry Lyme Disease.

If infection or Flu-like symptoms occur get to a doctor !

Ok... so remember to pack and bring your slicker, shade, sunscreen, bug
spray.... DRINK WATER! and be ready for some great fun and a wonderful

Lastly, being married to the FeastO'crat and having the pleasure of sampling
many of the tastes from this feast.... come hungry.... I promise your pallet
will be WELL PLEASED and you will NOT leave Northkeep hungry.

Marcus Quietly
Northkeep Chirurgeon
- - - MKA
Mark Conklin, N7XYO
First Alert Storm Team Unit#12
Oklahoma's News Channel 8 (KTUL)


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