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I am sorry you had a bad experience for your first event.

I too had several "bad" first events, where it seemed like no one knew me or
wanted to know me and often those who did know me were "somewhat distant".
Meeting people at an event hosted by your local group is often very hard and
even futile, as the group is busy trying to get feast together, keeping
things running smooth and just plain working their arses off to make it all
come together. It wasn't until my lady and I started to participate that we
began to feel like we were making friends and feeling a camaraderie with the

As an autocrat to the upcoming Northkeep Castellan Event I would LIKE to say
I would personally make sure you feel welcome, but I can't, unless you want
to walk around with me and see the inner workings of an event in which case
you would be welcome Im sure I could use the help :) . What I can do is
introduce you to a few people who would be willing to help make that happen.

I too nearly gave it up.....a few times lol....but I am very glad in
retrospect that I did not. If you are so inclined to accept my invitation to
Castellan look for the long haired guy in a maroon skirt with a walkie
talkie in one hand and a bow in the other and I will introduce you to many
people some of which will scare you some of which will make you laugh and
some of which are....well I'll let you decide what they are.

Diethelm Waltorfer
Archery Marshal Northkeep
Co-Autocrat Castellan

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This is probably not going to be very popular, but ya'll need to reevaluate
your "making others feel welcome" policy before you break your arms patting
yourselves on the back.  I, for one, will not be attending any more events
and it's NOT because I don't take the SCA seriously.  I just got a reality
check in the form of paying a lot of money to feel like the only person who
didn't get the inside joke.  I'm all "funned out", so color me gone.


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