[Northkeep] Tornado in Moore OK

Mike C. Baker kihe at ticnet.com
Thu May 8 16:37:35 PDT 2003

The GM plant appears to have been hit hard -- there used to be SCA
folk working there (Brian Dragonsword), but my info is far out of
date (Brian had been in NY State for some years, at last report).

Please note -- at least part of the damage area appears to overlap
the big twister damage zone from just a few years ago.

ALSO:  looks like a possible circulation moving into southwest Osage
County *right now*.  Get ready to take cover, Tulsa!

Adieu, Amra
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> The 6 pm news is all awash in footage of a tornado in Moore.
> I'm not on the Namron or Weisenfeuer lists-
> anybody have any info on our folks in that neighborhood?
> Concerned, Pyro
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