[Northkeep] Too many Chrisssss....

Dawson, Lynne dawsonl at unionps.org
Thu May 22 04:51:36 PDT 2003

Take your time on your name, place and time so that you're sure you are
happy with your choice. We can always refer to you as girlie Chris until
then <Grin>


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Actually, I have established that I am interested in looking onto a
particular culture, but that is as far as I have been able to get. I
don't know what time frame I like best because I am not having much luck
finding garb from different times to establish a time I am interested
in... thus choosing a name from that era... my internet is iffy, so I
can't always check links. sometimes I can look at work, but sometimes
Websense blocks me, so I am having difficulty in that area... not to
mention just getting through Morgan's 4th birthday... being the
newsletter editor for our VW club AND trying to find a bigger house to
move to... I am a little stressed and preoccupied... but I do hope to
narrow it down very soon... I spoke with Kitty tonight about Frankish
garb and hats and Russian (cuz she REALLY likes Russian, lol). see, I
want something that is obviously not like everyone else, possibly
Germanic, but not disgustingly gawdy, either.

Chris, the confused one

On Wed, 21 May 2003 16:12:25 -0500 "Susan O'Neal" <catmafia at swbell.net>
...  Last I remember, you had picked a culture and time, name
> should follow pretty easily.
> Susan

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