[Northkeep] Beginners' A&S at Castellan

Donna Hufford dhufford at earthlink.net
Thu May 29 16:44:29 PDT 2003

on 5/29/03 1:54 PM, Istvan Temesvari at istvan at micahtek.com wrote:

> What if our first A&S entry is for this Castellan?
> Istvan


You--or anyone else-- can certainly enter the Castellan A&S as a beginner,
or as your first competition and I would encourage you to do so.  The
competition on Sunday is for those folks who would like to get the feel and
experience of A&S competition without the pressure and requirements that
come with a Baronial Artisan Competition.
I look forward to seeing the completed project on Saturday.  Good Luck!


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