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For those "Oops, packed the sweaty armor next to my rapier blades again"
moments, there is a product I get at Wal-Mart.  I think it is called Whink.
It comes in a brown bottle, the color and shape of which reminds me of an
old style Coppertone bottle.  Look for it near the Brasso and Barkeeper's
Buddy in the cleaning supplies area.

It works great, but don't leave it on too long.  It will break down the
cloth.  I've only used it on white natural fiber cloth.  I have no idea what
it could do to colors or synthetic fibers.

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I was told of a solvent that would remove rust stains from cloth. I have
since forgotten the name of said miracle of science. Will someone please
relay this to me(ggrrr white looks nice....when its new).
                       Evan Der Fultime
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