LD.BLACKMOON ld.blackmoon at gbronline.com
Sun Apr 11 20:22:44 PDT 2004


For All Those People Who Didn't Get The Chance To Come Out To Archery Practice Today , I Send My Condolences , And My Wishes That You Had As Happy And As Full An Easter Sunday As my self And My Archers did ...

It Was A wonderful Day , If A Bit Chill ,But With All The Wonderful Food Brought To Practice By Lady Elisabeth De Calais And Her Household , And By Lady Felici Cumberland And Her Household
It Was Kind Of Hard To Complain About Much As We Waddled On Down To The Firing Line ..

We Shot Royal Rounds , Visited, Ate, Talked of Songs, Ate , Shot Some More, Ate, Talked of possible new rules For Youth Archery, Ate, Worked on Training , Ate , Visited some more , And Did I Mention , We Ate ??
The Food Was Very Plentiful And Very Good . 

be safe, be happy , have fun 
arthur blackmoon

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