[Northkeep] Clothing Commission

John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 11 22:18:44 PDT 2004

A different title for this could be, "Things I Never
Thought I'd Be Posting on the Internet in Search Of"

There is a young Lady that is a friend of mine
interested in things Medieveal. I remember seeing a
dress style in a catalog that I thought would be neat
(for another lady,) but you can see this is rapidly
devolving into one of those
where-the-thing-came-from posts.

For her, I would be interested in having made a
Simple-style, Modest dress for a size 8 woman who is
5'5", with a full, long skirt of some material that
won't kill her of heat stroke the first time she wears
it to an event! Her family and I have been firends for
several years.

Please e-mail me any quotes/timelines at my pesonal
e-mail, as there is probably already enough snickering
at this post! :) Yes, I saw that! :)

On another topic, I saw Arthur's posting, and hope you
all had a pleasant Easter wherever you were this past
weekend! Arthus, someday I hope to shoot a round!


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