[Northkeep] regarding scheduling the waterbearing class

Zubeydah zubeydah at northkeep.org
Wed Aug 25 19:38:57 PDT 2004

I am open to either Saturday or Sunday.  

I am at the service of the North - Ya'll tell me when you want the class, and I'll be there to teach... but if the date is going to be changed, let us decide it quickly, so folks can settle their schedules.  The majority of those attending are from the Namron/Wiesenfeuer area, but I do know of one other travelling from Northkeep to attend.  

Unless I am told otherwise in the next 48 hours or so, I'll be at Dagmar's at 1pm Saturday.  I have sent out confirmations to all those who contacted me regarding the class. If you have not gotten the directions sent to you, I didn't get your initial contact - please let me know.

In service to the North, where the Black Star shines brightest,

-zubeydah jamilla al-badawiyya
(who apologizes for the cross-posting, but wanted to cover all the bases of those attending.)

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I think the Sunday of the combined practice would be a real good idea. This way those who were interested in waterbearing  can get the class and put the theory to work at the practice. But I could be Biased. 
Lord Wilhelm von Winkleried Knights Marshal of the Barony of Namron

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Kaitlynn, what kind of move do you have in mind?
I can not commit to anything as I have not spoken to Zabeta or the others who have said Saturday works for them.  However, Sunday before the big fighter practice might mean some people from out of town who want to come could just make one trip. Anyone else with any thoughts on this?

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> I've been waiting for such a class... Just my luck it's the day of the wedding.  Any thoughts on a last-minute move? :)
> ~kaitlynn morgan

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