[Northkeep] sewing question

Jennifer Carlson talana1 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 2 03:59:03 PDT 2004

Since you already have the shell and the lining made up, I'd go for 
stitching them together around the neckline/front opening/hem perimeter, 
leaving a gap of a few inches to turn it through.

To finish the armholes, mark your stitching line (I ususally to this with 
stay stitches if using a machine, or basting stitiches if by hand).  Clip 
the seam allowance to allow the finished seam to lay flat, tuck the seam 
allowances inward, and stitch with blind stitch or tiny overcast stitches 
(refer to your little sewing kit - you've done both kinds).

There are other assembly techniques that let you bypass having to turn and 
stich the armhole, which I can talk about if anyone's interested.

(not yet 6:00 am and way sleepy but trying to catch up on her e-mail before 
having to leave town for a few days)

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>Subject: [Northkeep] sewing question
>Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 22:25:46 -0500
>Okay, I am in process in making another ghawe coat.  I have my outside & my 
>lining put together & I want to sew the lining & outside fabric together & 
>seem to have problem doing the arm holes.  If I do them & all the other 
>edges excluding hems, it becomes the pepetrual inside garment that I cant 
>get every get it turned.
>Any suggestions since I really like the finished edge of sewing lining on 
>the all the edges.
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