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There's a lot going on in September.  Labor Day weekend is Wiesenfeuer
Baronial, held at Camp Cimarron, which is about 1 to 1 1.5 hours west of
Tulsa.  The next weekend, we are hosting Queen's Champion about an hour east
of Tulsa.  The 17-19 is Mooneschadowe's Guardian, which is held out at Will
Rogers Scout Camp, again about an hour west of Tulsa.  That next weekend we
were going to have our local warleader tournament, Dionnadar/Ensign, but
that has been pushed back to October.

Populace is the 27th.  Needleworker's is the 13th.  Archery practice happens
on Sundays in the afternoon.  Heavy fighter practice is on Wednesday night
and Saturday morning.  Rapier fighter practice is on Tuesday night and
Saturday morning.

What am I missing???

Let us know when you'll be here and where you'll be and someone will get you


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I am sure you'll answered this email.  But, I had a moment when I came back
from my trip where I just dumped almost everything because my box was

So I will ask again.

I am planning on being in Tulsa some time in September for a recon mission
and wanted to possible go to an event or at the very least some of your
weekly activities.  So if possible can you let me know what you'll have
coming up.

Gelis of Iron Mountain

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