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Amanda Wallace dragontamerbrat at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 07:38:38 PST 2004

Another wInterKindom has come and gone, and after allowing my tired
feet to recover, I have much word fame to spread.

As you all should know, a meal such as was presented at wInterKingdom
evening does not come off with out much advance preparation. It is not
the work of one persone, rather a team effort that makes feast come
off without a hitch. Your Kitchen Staff worked each course, and forced
themselves to eat it, testing each recipe, re-testing if necessary. It
was a difficult job but Lady Janet, Lord Igor, Lady Gabrielle, Lord
Thormund all learned with me what we were making and how it was to be
done. Ladies Anaka and Catan and Lord Masamune (I'm not Japanese, and
I was too tired to remember the conversation that occured after feast,
apologies!) also labored hard, tasting each dish, offering advice. One
other person needs recognition. Without this Lady opening her home to
us, allowing us to swallow her kitchen for days, we would not have
been able to do as much preparation, and my Lord Thormund would have
been forced to endure many, many evenings of eating the same thing!
Thank you Lady Zahava for saving him from his fate!

Now, I must commend all of those who assisted during the day and
evening on Saturday. First and foremost, my hand picked kitchen
staff--Lady Janet of Chemin Noir and Lady Gabrielle of Chemin Noir.
These two ladies have been invaluable for their experience, and
knowledge of cooking for many. Their unwavering support during the
last six months AND during the day created the wonderful feast you
enjoyed. Lady Zubeydah, my friend and confidant in many things, helped
early in the day, before her duties took her away from us. Lord
Diethelm, who was always on hand when I needed him, washed dishes, and
carried heavy pans around. Lady Nadine, for lending me her lord for
washing dishes and carrying heavy pans. Lady Kelandra for assisting in
the slicing of 21 pounds of pears, and for acting as the portioner for
the evening, my Thanks! Lord Igor and Lord Thormund made sure your
drinks were ready for the servers to bring to your table. They also
assisted in getting the food to the servers.

And for our servers: Lord Wilhelm, and his Lady Angelique, Lady
Aelfwin, Lady Anaka, Lord Ulrich, Lord Ottokar, Lady Zubeydah, and 2
gentles whose names, I am embarassed to say, I do not know. One of
these kept the pitchers at the ready for your servers to bring to the
table. This was this young lady's very FIRST event. The other young
lady was wearing yellow, and I thank you!

Kitchen clean-up crew: I am SO very glad you all stepped up to help.
Lord Masamune, Lady Anaka, Lord Diethelm, Lord Carlysle, Lady Zahava,
Lady Kelandra, and everyone else, whose names I do not know,  a Very
Large Thank You!

To everyone, you made sure I didn't have to worry about anything. I
knew that no matter what, this feast would come off with out a hitch.
You have my gratitude, and my pledge: If there is anything I can do
for you, please ask. If it is within my power, I will assist.

Lady Amanda Blackwolf

The Divine is like a candle behind a stained glass window: we may not
all see the same light, but we all see the same flame.

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