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Mon Dec 13 07:43:48 PST 2004

*mourn* I could not attend and missed cheese goo...... *cries* 
Hope everyone had a blast see you all soon!


On Mon, 13 Dec 2004 09:38:38 -0600, Amanda Wallace
<dragontamerbrat at gmail.com> wrote:
> Another wInterKindom has come and gone, and after allowing my tired
> feet to recover, I have much word fame to spread.
> As you all should know, a meal such as was presented at wInterKingdom
> evening does not come off with out much advance preparation. It is not
> the work of one persone, rather a team effort that makes feast come
> off without a hitch. Your Kitchen Staff worked each course, and forced
> themselves to eat it, testing each recipe, re-testing if necessary. It
> was a difficult job but Lady Janet, Lord Igor, Lady Gabrielle, Lord
> Thormund all learned with me what we were making and how it was to be
> done. Ladies Anaka and Catan and Lord Masamune (I'm not Japanese, and
> I was too tired to remember the conversation that occured after feast,
> apologies!) also labored hard, tasting each dish, offering advice. One
> other person needs recognition. Without this Lady opening her home to
> us, allowing us to swallow her kitchen for days, we would not have
> been able to do as much preparation, and my Lord Thormund would have
> been forced to endure many, many evenings of eating the same thing!
> Thank you Lady Zahava for saving him from his fate!
> Now, I must commend all of those who assisted during the day and
> evening on Saturday. First and foremost, my hand picked kitchen
> staff--Lady Janet of Chemin Noir and Lady Gabrielle of Chemin Noir.
> These two ladies have been invaluable for their experience, and
> knowledge of cooking for many. Their unwavering support during the
> last six months AND during the day created the wonderful feast you
> enjoyed. Lady Zubeydah, my friend and confidant in many things, helped
> early in the day, before her duties took her away from us. Lord
> Diethelm, who was always on hand when I needed him, washed dishes, and
> carried heavy pans around. Lady Nadine, for lending me her lord for
> washing dishes and carrying heavy pans. Lady Kelandra for assisting in
> the slicing of 21 pounds of pears, and for acting as the portioner for
> the evening, my Thanks! Lord Igor and Lord Thormund made sure your
> drinks were ready for the servers to bring to your table. They also
> assisted in getting the food to the servers.
> And for our servers: Lord Wilhelm, and his Lady Angelique, Lady
> Aelfwin, Lady Anaka, Lord Ulrich, Lord Ottokar, Lady Zubeydah, and 2
> gentles whose names, I am embarassed to say, I do not know. One of
> these kept the pitchers at the ready for your servers to bring to the
> table. This was this young lady's very FIRST event. The other young
> lady was wearing yellow, and I thank you!
> Kitchen clean-up crew: I am SO very glad you all stepped up to help.
> Lord Masamune, Lady Anaka, Lord Diethelm, Lord Carlysle, Lady Zahava,
> Lady Kelandra, and everyone else, whose names I do not know,  a Very
> Large Thank You!
> To everyone, you made sure I didn't have to worry about anything. I
> knew that no matter what, this feast would come off with out a hitch.
> You have my gratitude, and my pledge: If there is anything I can do
> for you, please ask. If it is within my power, I will assist.
> Lady Amanda Blackwolf
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> The Divine is like a candle behind a stained glass window: we may not
> all see the same light, but we all see the same flame.
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