[Northkeep] A Populace member in need.

j.t.herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 29 13:26:50 PST 2004

Greetings Northkeep,
I am sure that many of you remember Elwin the Bowman. Elwin or Charlie as he
is known to the rest of the world has had a really bad run of luck since
just before Christmas. That dear old bowyer has been very ill and was
hospitalized for the last few weeks. His artificial knee failed and caused a
body wide case of blood poisoning.

Elwin got to spend his holiday alone in a VA hospital. Charlie is now at
home but is in a lot of pain and still taking IVs. They have this busy old
body bed ridden for the next eight weeks locked away from his tools, his
van, and the out doors. Charlie can not go any where other than from his bed
to the bathroom and back and that is only with the use of a wheel chair. He
can not even get out to even look at his beloved custom van let alone take a
ride in it. Charlie is under the daily care of a home nurse and a physical
therapist and he is slowing going stir crazy. I know Northkeep is filled
with good company and Charlie could use some good company. The friendly
faces of visitors and some one to give him a wheel chair ride outside would
make his day.

If any of the kind and generous folk of Northkeep would like to visit Elwin
during his convalescence it would mean a lot. Charlie is usually available
starting around 8 AM if you would like to visit or do something to help him
out please feel free to call or stop by:

Here is Elwin's contact info:
Charlie Olenak
(918) 742-7273
Sundance Apartments Apt B
31st and Riverside
Tulsa OK.

Charlie's apartment is around the back, please stop by and say hi.

Kind Regards,

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