[Northkeep] Family in severe trouble

Karl Mensik elfseeker_1999 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 29 16:25:14 PST 2004

 Greetings all,
 We are in trouble deep.Cassie has been doing her best
to get a job but is having a difficult time.As soon as
it seems like she has one they either "withdraw their
offer" like Tyson did or decide she is not qualified
enough.She has been to several interviews.Even
McDonalds.Meanwhile she keeps walking the pavement
filling out applications and checking the Oklahoma
Employment Agency on line.But most everything up here
requires qualifications she does not have.
 Our regular landlady has been trying to work with us
and has been wonderful about it.She even wasn't adding
late charges to our account.But she had to go to
Mexico and her mother in law is managing things
now.She has added late charges and is giving us until
the second to pay up or get out.And she has the
reputation of not hesitating to throw kids out in the
street.Ours are 3,8,and 11 years old.We have no where
to go.
 I know that no single person can help us , I am
pleading to all who can help even a little bit.She
wants a total of 1,380.We can pay all back by the end
of February.We will be filing our taxes as soon as the
forms come in and there is only one job to file on
.Filing that soon it will come back in 10 to 14
days.We are expecting around 2000 back this year with
all the credits and such.

Lord Ian McCallum
Karl Mensik
320 W Broadway
Ponca City, Ok
Message Phone 580-762-5424 

Ld Ian McCullam 
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