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Don't make me call you the name.

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> But if I knew how to act, then how would I ammuse Her Excellency by
> curtsying EVERY time I walk past them while serving feast? She is always
> smirking and snickering at me... As if I'm not SUPPOSED to do that when
> passing their table... First I didn't know I was supposed to... Then
> when I find out I am supposed to, she acts like I'm NOT supposed to...
> I'M SO CONFUSED!!! Perhaps I DO need this class!
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> From:  Montega
> Just thought I'd toss this in... the newcomer class I went to where
> court etiquette was taught was really helpful. Basically showed how to
> act if you were called before the King and such. Really informative and
> really helped me understand how court works. Maybe another class like
> that would be cool. If not for this event but just because.
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