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Chuck Kaun jack_a_lope31 at hotmail.com
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correct, the W is pronounced like a v, but the reverse is also true.  
Volkswagen in english is Wolksvagen in Deutsch.  and I believe die is the 
correct usage for automobiles so it would be......  von die Wolksvagen


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>Oh, if ONLY I could find proof that wagen  COULD be used with volks in
>period, you might be on to something there! Gise von Volkswagen... Hmmm,
>hard to say Von Volks... And would one pronounce the wagen as Vagen? Von
>VolksVagen? Hmmmm... May be a bit much... Actually, Von der Volkswagen
>might be more accurate (whatever the gender, Der Die oder Das... See why
>I barely passed German?)
>Chris (definitely "of the VW", but not so much "cute", despite the
>sticker on my Cabriolet reading "Cute but kinda strange"... Although
>what you said does sound hilarious! And by the way, it's always good to
>be goofy)
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>From: Val
>Does this mean, then, that we need to address Chris as "Her Cuteness,
>Chris of the VW" ??
>Val (feeling a bit goofier than normal, and I mean no ill will to any)
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