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Her Excellency is correct, as was Diarmaid's response.  Your children
could wear your badge.  In period, where badges were used, members of
your household staff could would wear your badge (but never your arms)
to show that they were of your house/staff/retinue/etc.  So the baronial
badge and your personal one on something would be fine.

Since Diarmaid mentioned heraldic registrations...  In the SCA, a badge
cannot be made up of unconnected parts.  For example, if you had a
boar's head inside an outline of a diamond then the boar's head has to
touch or partially overlay or be partially overlayed by the diamond

As a separate aside, if any of you have been trying to reach me via
email at my SCA account, I have had problems receiving and sending since
late last week due to some errors at work that were interfering with my
SCA account.  As of late yesterday, that appears fixed and I am trying
to catch up on my backlog.


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Generally, I believe a badge is something used to mark your
posessions...........  I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
Most people like to have their badge be reflective of their device, for
instance my device has a turtle and a cross of cerdanya on it, my badge
is probably going to be a turtle on a cross of cerdanya, or a cross of
cerdanya on a turtle.......decisions, decisions...........

Any member of the Barony can bear the Baronial badge, and I'm guessing
that one could look on your kids as your posessions so they could bear
your badge, as well as the Barony's, being populace members.......

As far as acceptable designs, if you plan to register the badge you will
need to follow the standard heraldic rules and check for conflict, etc.
If you have an idea brewing you might drop Masamune a note and see what
he thinks........  There's a heraldic meeting on the 11th and on the
25th - I can't remember which one is commenting and which is


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My understanding of badges is - anyone can design and wear their own
Are there any restrictions as to designs? What I'm wanting to do is make
badges on cloth to hang on a belt and put the baronial patch above it
the kids and myself. Would this be acceptable and what would the

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