[Northkeep] badges

Horn, Trisha D. tdhorn at saintfrancis.com
Wed Mar 3 08:35:22 PST 2004

So a totally different design (from my device, once I get it registered)
would not be the best? I have a friend who has a Celtic horse embroidery
design she can do... would this be totally goofy and out of the question?
And thanks for reminding me about the info on the back.  Seems like I heard
that before and totally forgot...with my two minute memory...  :)  

I'm planning on attending the Commenting this month (could I get
directions?), to turn in my name and device ideas to see if they'll fly or
not.  If I get one of the belt favors done, I'll bring it with me.

Thanks to all for the help!

> Most people like to have their badge be reflective of their device, for
> instance my device has a turtle and a cross of  cerdanya on it, my badge
> is probably going to be a turtle on a cross of cerdanya, or a cross of
> cerdanya on a turtle
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