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Well, I think the problem you would run into with that is conflict.  I'm thinking just a horse is probably already used.....the celtic style is not a point of difference, I don't think.  (Actually, I don't think you can register it in the celtic style, you have to just register a horse and then display it in the style you want.....)

It can be completely different than your device, sure, but to register it, it will have to not conflict with someone else's stuff.....


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So a totally different design (from my device, once I get it registered)
would not be the best? I have a friend who has a Celtic horse embroidery
design she can do... would this be totally goofy and out of the question?
And thanks for reminding me about the info on the back.  Seems like I heard
that before and totally forgot...with my two minute memory...  :)  

I'm planning on attending the Commenting this month (could I get
directions?), to turn in my name and device ideas to see if they'll fly or
not.  If I get one of the belt favors done, I'll bring it with me.

Thanks to all for the help!

> Most people like to have their badge be reflective of their device, for
> instance my device has a turtle and a cross of  cerdanya on it, my badge
> is probably going to be a turtle on a cross of cerdanya, or a cross of
> cerdanya on a turtle
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