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We welcome you to our fair Barony, 

     Let me first apologize, they are being TOO modest!  We have many avenues of learning from Universities, Junior Colleges, Tech Schools and many Extensions to more Universities.  If you don't mind a bit of a drive (less than 2hrs one way), you can goto the bigger Oklahoma Universities.

     Bookstores, many to choose from; just drive and you find one within 3miles.  Garners is fantastic for old books and to just fondle many volumes of text.  If you enjoy the freshness in books we have many new booksellers.  We have people in our GREAT Barony that work for bookstores and the library system that can help get you to more allusive texts.

     Movie theaters; .50 - $???.  We have several theaters that offer a bit of entertainment for a few coins to the Grander experience of Imax. If your taste is from a finer faire, we have Live Theaters.  I have been told we have some of the best talent in the nation grace our stages.  We also have outdoor theaters for concerts & Oklahoma musicals.

     Events & Guilds; many within 2hrs.  We have so much to choose from, you can fill your week with some SCA activity outside your home.  Please feel free to ask questions, we have many people that can direct you to the various areas you are interested and those you might not even know about!  If you are bored, you just need to get more involved with the SCA more.

Renault de Mont-Saint Michel

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