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Congrats!  And welcome, Henry, to the Best Barony in the Knowne World.

Masamune no Yahaki

From: "Zubeydah" <zubeydah at northkeep.org>
Date: 2004/03/11 Thu AM 09:07:19 EST
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Subject: [Northkeep] snippets and bits

- congrats to Dagmar and Owen of Mooneshadowe, and their beautiful baby boy, Henry, born yesterday!

- a hearty huzzah to all those representing the North of Ansteorra who are going to the war: travel safely, and represent us well!

- vivat to those who are volunteering to do waterbearing at the war!  (I know of four Northkeepers who are specifically promising to provide waterbearing service - are there others?) I have given the Northkeep Waterbearing banner to Lady Miriam, and would love for it to be hung at the station whenever Northkeep waterbearers are working there. If you are waterbearing, please be sure to sign in so your volunteer hours count! I will also be in contact with Lady Fianna after the war is over, so that we can make certain service given  at Gulf is credited towards Journeyman status.

- to those who weren't able to make it to practice last night, you missed a really good time. :-) 

- to those who saw my new Ansteorran Waterbearers patch and want one similarly like it... here's the contact info I promised: they are $20, and are hand made by Lady Maya of Bjornsborg. Her contact info is mcsky at juno.com. She also does people's devices in beadwork, too. (If you're a waterbearer and you didn't see the patch but are now curious, you can see it on my website: http://www.stormreaver.net/sca/graphics.htm  -- she beaded it from a graphic i built for the new Ansteorran Waterbearer's website (almost done, coming soon!).  )  There's different versions of the patch for Apprentice, Journeyman and Master, so consider well which version you want!!

- to those who have taken my waterbearing class, and DO NOT have a patch... Thanks to the Kingdom WB and Lady Gerita, I have some sashes with the WB ensignia! I will hand them out as I see class attendees, first come, first served.

- I'm dropping off the Pile O Tribute to the Baron & Baroness tonight... it's been a pleasure matching the contributions of Northkeep. I can only say the pile of chocolate is not quite as bad as it was at Crown, but will be an evil temptation for our poor Baron the whole way to Gulf! :-)  Thank you to those who donated items for the tribute basket!

in service,

zubeydah al-badawiyya
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