[Northkeep] snippets and bits

Horn, Trisha D. tdhorn at saintfrancis.com
Thu Mar 11 09:20:32 PST 2004

Is it okay to put a barony patch on the sash or is it supposed to stay
pristine for apprentices?

> - to those who saw my new Ansteorran Waterbearers patch and want one
> similarly like it... here's the contact info I promised: they are $20, and
> are hand made by Lady Maya of Bjornsborg. Her contact info is
> mcsky at juno.com. She also does people's devices in beadwork, too. (If
> you're a waterbearer and you didn't see the patch but are now curious, you
> can see it on my website: http://www.stormreaver.net/sca/graphics.htm  --
> she beaded it from a graphic i built for the new Ansteorran Waterbearer's
> website (almost done, coming soon!).  )  There's different versions of the
> patch for Apprentice, Journeyman and Master, so consider well which
> version you want!!
> in service,
> zubeydah al-badawiyya
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