[Northkeep] was steak, more Tulsa temptations and okie grammar

Vickie Barbour vickiesltw at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 12 12:20:55 PST 2004

uuggghhhh my husband may find us there before we have to be.  Alas, our Great Barony of Iron Mountain has an event in May called Black Axe that since I am the autocrat I must attend.
Oh well, see you'll at Gulf Wars.

Anne Brewer <anaka_ravenna at yahoo.com> wrote:
*chuckling evilly* I don't think anyone mentioned that we have two lovely Museums, Gilcrease and Philbrook. I especially like Philbrook and they get a lot of the touring art shows of really famous works. For instance, we have the Rodin sculpture exhibit until the 28th of March, We got Monet when it came through, and the works of Alphonse Mucha(the father of Art Nuevo). And when you drive around town we have some beautiful Art Deco buildings downtown from the oil boom. 

And a quick note on contractions, the contraction of "you all" is "y'all", "you'll" is "you will". And another popular okieism is "y'unto" which is "you want to". A proper Okie conversation would go something like "Hey, y'all, we's goin' t'da show, y'unto?" to which you would respond "Yeah buddy"(yes), "Eyah"(I guess so), or "Naw"(no thank you, perhaps another time).

We are all looking forward to having you here, I always appreciate new rapier fighters, and the Barony always appreciates fresh meat... er, I mean fresh people.


Vickie Barbour wrote:
Yes, it makes me want to move, alas I have to at least sell the blasted house.

why are you'll so lucky.
> Dollar Theatres
> Used Book Stores
> 3 or more Leather Stores
> Lots of Activities in the group
> Celtic Music
> and now cheap meat
> Aaaahhhh wait this is a ploy to lure people to Barony of Northkeep.
Ugggghhhh that cannot be the answer because they are things I asked about
well except the meat.

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