[Northkeep] was steak, more Tulsa temptations and okie grammar

Anne Brewer anaka_ravenna at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 12 13:14:01 PST 2004

Also ther's "arncha" = aren't you, "bleeve"= believe, "didja"= did you, "cuz"= because (not what you call your cousin... which is usually "sweetie"). And of course there are a varity of general purpose phrases such as "big 'ol" which is used for any object larger than you can hold in your hands, and "deal" which is of course any object small enough to be held in one or two hands. And if ever you hear somebody call out "Hey, lookit what Ah can do!" or "Hey y'all, watch this!" take cover! Or it will be the last Okie phrase you ever hear.

ravenrux at cox.net wrote:
"Eyah"(I guess so), or "Naw"(no thank you, perhaps another time).

"Nope" is more common, I think. But "perhaps another time" would more properly be "Natchet."


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