[Northkeep] was steak, more Tulsa temptations and okie gr ammar

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Fri Mar 12 13:49:22 PST 2004

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KDUKE at fwmurphy.com writes:

> Don't forget "Hyear Now!" (Usually "Stop that this instant!", but
> occasionally used when speaking to horses to indicate a strong desire for a
> marked increase in forward velocity.)


Some horses are more sophisticated than that ;-)  If my horse heard "Hyear 
Now", he would immediately come to a screeching halt, and begin looking for 
dinner :-)  I have accidentally used the above words during a ride, and speak from 
experience.  In order to go faster on such a beast, one must utter "hup Hup 
HUP", followed by a low rumbling growl.  On occasion, when chasing dogs, one 
must use the oft neglected "Git 'Em", which will product a sonic event with my 

who rode the Sonic Boom for the first time in 4 months yesterday... still 
paying =:-O

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