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Anne Brewer anaka_ravenna at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 12 16:15:48 PST 2004

Don't forget Shakespear in the park! Every summer there is a week of free performances of one of the great Bards comedies, they've done "A Midsummer Nights Dream" and "Much Ado about Nothing" in years past. Mayfest, Octoberfest, all kinds of arts'n'craft type things and every kind of 'fest you can think of. The Zoo is pretty big and recently remodeled, there's a great rainforest exhibit, jaguars, a new penguin exhibit(Auuuggghh and the giant plastic penguins!!! Nobody told you about the freakin' giant plastic penguins all over town that they sold to big bussiness to raise money for the Zoo! Ack! I shouldn't mention them, she won't want to come, forget I said anything!). Lot's of clubs if you are into dancing, not just country/western, but techno/dance/electronica, and a few places that do retro 80's nights, there's even a few gay clubs(this town is much more progressive than you might expect from the"buckle of the Bible belt" as we are frequently called). There's the Tulsa
 Philharmonic Orchastra and the Tulsa Ballet Company, full of very talented locals. And loads of great resturants, and resturant/bars. Cains ballroom is great and hosts such diverse acts as "Crystal Method"(thrash techno) one night and Gillian Welch(Appalacian folk) the next. We've had the group "Stomp!" at the TPAC and they are coming again in April, but to the Brady theatre this time. And the Library sytem is great, it's been recently computerized and you can look for books within the system on your home computer, and even re-check out your books online and request transfers from anywhere in Oklahoma and Texas(they are in the same inter-library co-op). So if the SCA dosen't take all of your spare time there's lots to do!

Keith Duke <KDUKE at fwmurphy.com> wrote:
Local live music... 

Lots of little holes in the wall with small acts, Cain's Ballroom gets a
fair amount of up and coming acts (my grammer used to dance there to Bob
Will's back when she was a girl, I have seen everything from western swing
to metal there), The Expo Center gets some fairly big acts occasionally, The
ORU Mabee Center gets some top name Christian acts...

There's a whole block downtown that's basically nothing but a bunch of
different clubs with a wide variety of acts... Disco/blues/piano
bar/hip-hop/metal/karaoke/rock etc.

You might check out www.urbantulsa.com - they are sort of an alternative
newspaper with lots of listings for what's going on (and they have "News of
the Weird" and the "Life in Hell" comic strip)

The PAC or Tulsa Performing Arts Center (and I suppose the Chapman Music
Hall too) are high end venues for opera, ballet, & symphonic type stuff... 

Oh yeah.. Don't forget Oktoberfest, Mayfest, Greenwood Jazz festival, Tulsa
Blues festival, and less than an hour away there's the OK Mozart festival
(Which is absolutely killer). The summer series of Parks and Recreation
sponsored "Concerts in the park"... 

I have probably forgotten a few... But you get the idea...

(If you're a fan of "Hole in the wall" restaurants, we have some pretty good
ones too! - I'm a big guy. I know food!)

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