[Northkeep] was steak, more Tulsa temptations and okie gr ammar

LRA lra at olpdsl.net
Fri Mar 12 21:13:49 PST 2004

Actually I'm rather fond of the penguins. I always laugh -- sometimes even
out loud -- every time I see one. Even the ones I've seen before. They just
make me laugh and smile. I'm really fond of the one on Peoria (I think it's
Peoria) that wears a pink tutu.  Maybe it's just my sense of humor.

Lynn the Inquisitive

>(Auuuggghh and the giant plastic penguins!!! Nobody told you about the
freakin' giant >plastic penguins all over town that they sold to big
bussiness to raise money for the >Zoo! Ack! I shouldn't mention them, she
won't want to come, forget I said anything!).

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