[Northkeep] was steak, more Tulsa temptations and okie gr ammar

Susan O'Neal catmafia at direcway.com
Sat Mar 13 03:02:31 PST 2004

At 11:13 PM 3/12/2004, you wrote:
>Actually I'm rather fond of the penguins. I always laugh -- sometimes even
>out loud -- every time I see one. Even the ones I've seen before. They just
>make me laugh and smile. I'm really fond of the one on Peoria (I think it's
>Peoria) that wears a pink tutu.  Maybe it's just my sense of humor.
>Lynn the Inquisitive

Has anyone seen the next one they are launching statewide, Buffalo.  Not 
sure what department, but I saw it on a PBS special on the Mainstreet 
program and they will have decorated Buffalo all over the state.  I think 
Chicago first did a promotion of this sort with cows and the penguins were 
definatly interesting.


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